Saturday, 8 October 2016

Nothing Like a Nice Bowl of Soup

One of my biggest cooking obsessions at the moment is soup. It's so easy; you can make batches; it's healthy; it stores well and there is just so many options! A big favourite of mine at the moment is Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup, and today I'm going to run through my recipe as it's a great one for spoonies.

Well, I say it's a great one for fellow spoonies. I'm not going to lie, this is definitely one to make on a good day rather than a bad day, but it can be stored in the fridge or in the freezer and just hiked out when you need a quick, healthy meal with no effort. A worthwhile to spend a small chunk of a good day in my opinion.

So what do you need?

1 onion (or I use frozen diced onion and chuck a good old handful in)
3 carrots (or you could use a small bag of prepared carrots even if they're batons)
2 sweet potatoes peeled and slice or cubed or whatever you fancy (you may be able to get some pre-prepared sweet potatoes, but I'm not sure)
1 litre of stock (vegetable or chicken or whatever floats your boat)
Garlic (or I use garlic powder though)

From here you can funk it up however you want. This time I used some chilli powder for a kick, and some mixed herbs.

So to start with, get a big old saucepan (honestly, you want the biggest one). Pop some oil in the bottom, heat up the pan and chuck in your onions. If you're using real garlic, crush it up and put it in now as well. I get my onions going for a little bit before I put in my garlic powder.

Once your onions have softened up nicely, throw in your carrots and mix round as well. Now's probably a good time to put in any of the herbs and spices you're using. Add your sweet potato in too, and follow it with your litre of stock.

Now for the easy bit. Give it all a good stir, and then leave it alone. Maybe stir occasionally if you can be bothered or feel like it. You want to leave it until your carrots and sweet potato have all gone super soft. This can be as quick as 20 minutes, or I like to leave mine on a real low heat for an hour whilst I'm making and eat my dinner usually.

Once it's all soft and squidgy you're nearly in the final stages. Take your saucepan off the stove and placed it on a solid surface with a mat as required - obviously the pan is heavy so watch weak wrists and fingers at this point as it's all too easy to end up spilling burning hot liquid over yourself and no food is worth that.

This next bit you have to be really careful with as well. I've burnt myself on more than one occasion doing this because I don't concentrate. You want to blitz your soup into actual soup now. To do this you can either put it into a blender, or I use a hand blender. All too often I lose concentration though and end up spraying boiling soup up my arm, so you do really have to focus at this point and take it steady. Blitz the soup until all the lumps have gone (unless you're into random lumps of carrot and sweet potato, then leave some of them!).

You now have ready to eat soup! Yummy! At this point I normally dish this out into my plastic dishes and get it ready to freeze or throw in the fridge. If you're eating straight away, feel free to enjoy with some bread.

I find the recipe does me 3 decent sized bowls of soup, so it's a good one to have for lunches during the week, or to freeze as a quick evening meal. I just microwave until roasting hot when I'm ready to eat. This takes between 3 and 4 minutes from fridge and will obviously be way longer from frozen.