Saturday, 9 July 2016

Busy Bee

Life has been so crazy busy for me lately. I've been running at pretty much maximum since my last post, and I just haven't really had chance to get near a (non-work) computer. It's been ridiculous.

So, let's do a bit of catch up then... Around the last time I wrote, I was heading out to Santorini for a holiday with my beloved other half, and to watch one of my friends tie the knot. It was pretty darn exciting, and part of the reason I had been working so hard at eating healthier and exercising more, as I really did want a better beach body. It wasn't perfect still, but it was a darn sight better than what I started 2016 with.

Whilst in Santorini, I had to test my limits, a lot. But it was all for the better, and it turned out I got to see a real improvement from all the exercise I had done. Our hotel was halfway up a very steep hill, and whilst this meant it was only about 5 minutes down to the beach, it did also mean that it was about 15 minutes back up to the hotel. Nightmare. But none the less I managed to do that climb every day, at least once a day, and more often than not, I did it twice a day!

The first time we did it, I thought I was going to pass out/puke, but that was also because it was 2pm, sweltering hot, and I was tired out from exploring the beach front. I recovered much quicker that I ever used to before though, and was happily by the pool not even 15 minutes after reaching our hotel.

This was the view from our balcony; as you can see we were pretty high up, and if you can see the car in the second picture, you get a bit of an idea of how steep the hill was!

Anyway, I soldiered on with that, and went off to watch my friend get married and enjoyed a wonderful evening with her, to then go on to face my next challenge!

We booked an all day boat excursion to see some more of the island, including the volcano, a smaller island off of the main island, and ending in Oia. This day really put me to the test again, as it involved climbing up the volcano over uneven, stoney ground. It was bloody hardwork and near on killed me.

But it was worth it.... once we stopped off at the little island, and had a spot of lunch, I was pretty tired, but we still had my next challenge to undertake - the 280 steps from the port up to Oia, the place where pretty much all beautiful pictures of Santorini are taken, and THE place to watch the sunset. I had to get there. There was the option to pay €5 for a donkey ride up to the top, but I wanted to do it off my own steam. So I did it. It took me a long time, and I had to take plenty of breaks. I wanted to cry, but I made it. And that was the most satisfying achievement I have had in a long time... Boy did I get a reward for it to...

So, that was my holiday, and one of my *many* reasons for my large absence from the blog lately. Never fever though, normality will be returning hopefully.

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