Thursday, 17 March 2016

Oh No

Uh-oh, I've been doing that thing where I go super quiet and rubbish at blogging again. Sorry! I've been improving general work/life balance, but I've not quite got there just yet with the blogging balance as well - I'll get there soon though!

So what's new lately? I guess the biggest news is that I've gotten myself motivated and got my butt into gear to go a bit more hardcore on my exercise -  as hardcore as a spoonie can anyway! I'm still working hard at not overdoing it and using all my spoons up before the end of the day, as I hate nothing more than that feeling of complete and utter exhaustion and still knowing that I need to shower before I go to bed, so instead I found this great way to get myself stronger without overdoing it.

What is it, I hear you ask. Well, lovely zebras and spoonies, it's that wonderful thing that I used to be obsessed with a few years ago, but in an even better format; Pop Pilates.

On YouTube there is a channel called Blogilates, run by an insane American lady called Cassie who comes across as so lovely, but she really loves her insane workouts. I mean, this woman is seriously hardcore. When I first started doing her videos I'd end up managing the first minute and the last minute, and if I was really lucky a couple of moves in between those times. It was just too hard, and I think it did deter me a little bit, rather than motivate me,

However, since I stopped following the channel and following her on Twitter etc, I missed an important discovery. That was, until recently, when we got a smart TV in our bedroom and I discovered I could use YouTube on it and do exercise videos in our bedroom off a decent screen rather than anything small and rubbish. Whilst I was testing this out, I discovered that Cassie is now doing a wonderful set of videos; Three Minute Turbo routines.

Yes, it's 3 minutes non-stop, and yes they are still bloody hardwork, but they feel much more achievable for me. And yeah, sometimes I still have to stop and I only end up doing like 1.5-2 minutes of the workout, but I still feel like I've achieved something, and from doing this alongside the pilates class I go to at my gym, I've figured out how to do some of the moves at a lower level so I can still manage, but I'm getting some gain out of them.

I really do recommend them, but do potentially watch through before trying to see if you are comfortable with the moves suggested, and if not, see if you can figure out a way to take it down a level.

My favourite one at the moment is the 3 Minute Turbo Arm Workout. This is mainly because my arms are one of the more noticeable areas of my weight gain, and I've got a summer wedding that I'm going to where I'd quite like my arms to not look like a cellulite-ridden, elephant-sized bingo wing. So I've been doing this to try and help. When I have more energy I sometimes follow it up with the 3 minute turbo legs, and 3 minute turbo abs. If I don't haver much energy, I can still do a short burst of workout and it still feels like I'm achieving something.

Anyway, take a watch of my current fav, maybe have a go if you think you've got enough spoons to try it, and have fun :)

Monday, 7 March 2016

Quick Hello

I'm aware I've gone quiet again, and this is mostly down to any down time I've had where I could have blogged, my other half has been on the PC and I've not been able to get near it. The rest of the time I've been super busy, doing all sorts of things (including a very messy night out which was bad. Zebras should not be allowed to get drunk drunk, only tipsy!)

The plan is to write a few proper blog posts this weekend as the other half is away (wahey, bed to myself!) and get myself up to date. I'm still trying to figure out a good work/life/sew/blog balance, but I'm getting there... sort of.

Anyway, main reason I stopped in to say a quick hello was to have a little bit of a #HumbleBrag (yes I've become one of those people who hashtags during their blog post). Yesterday I weighed myself and discovered that this year so far, just through making a few changes to my diet and exercise routine, I have managed to lose ONE WHOLE STONE. That's without any drastic changes, just small conscious efforts.

I can genuinely say my joints are aching *slightly* less, ad I feel better in myself. I'm regretting not doing a before picture at the beginning of the year now as I'm unsure whether I actually look any different, or whether it's just enough for only my clothes to be able to tell?

More to come soon!