Wednesday, 24 February 2016


There is something I can't help but wonder if other spoonies suffer with, or if I'm just that rubbish at knowing my body.

At the weekend I did a couple of Pop Pilates videos, only the 10 minute ones, and I was careful not to overdo it as I am all too conscious as to how easily I can injure myself through over exertion. I got a nice early night the same day and managed to get a good 9+ hours sleep. I didn't feel refreshed when I woke up (what spoonie does?) but I felt pretty good, bar a pretty savage pain in my ribs.

At first, I thought this was down the other half cuddling me at a funny angle. Then I realised that he had moved and the pain had too. He was off of me, and the pain had gone to the middle of my ribs, below my sternum, but where the ribs come to the middle. At first I thought it was a pulled abdominal muscle from pilates, but then it felt like my ribs were bruised.

Even now, I'm still not sure which it is, or whether it's perhaps both? I don't know. Do any other spoonies have issues identifying what is causing their pain?

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Moisturise Me

I've finally got around to sorting a new product out for my little bath product venture that I'm trying out, I haven't listed it on the Chronic Chemist site yet, but that's my plan for next weekend, along with another one that I'm working on as we speak.

For the moment though, I'd like to introduce you to my moisturising bars:

That's right, they're ducks. It's safe to say I'm a bit duck obsessed, so I felt these to be an appropriate mould. I'm pleased with how they turned out, has to be said. All I've got to do now is create some labels for them, but that shouldn't take me too long!

I'm super pleased with these as the way they melt into your skin just from your body temperature makes them super easy to use, and I'm hoping the shape of these should make them reasonably easy to grip, which is a positive factor for fellow spoonies who have grip issues (as I often do).

They smell super nice too, and I'm a little obsessed with using them myself. Hopefully other people like them just as much as I do.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Paris, Je Suis en Toi!

Paris, I am in you. Well, I was a week ago...

That's right, a little over a week ago, I spent 48 hours in Paris with my friend from school exploring the city and doing some fabric shopping (more about that coming up over on the crafty blog).

It was a fab time, but it did certainly push me to my spoonie limits for the days. We flew out Wednesday evening, and went straight to bed when we go there as we were shattered from travelling (and we may or may not have consumed a whole bottle of wine each before leaving - oops!)

The only full day we had in the city was pretty darn full on - we walked about 12 miles from about 9am until 7pm when we were pretty much ready to go back to bed! We managed to stay up until about 10pm with another bottle of wine and some food but still! We started by getting the Metro, mucking up our change so covering by going to visit the Arc De Triomphe. My main comment about this place is that the French are absolute nutters. It does seem to just be a free for all around that roundabout. Don't stick to a lane, cut people up, just sod it! Very strange.

From there we saw the Sacre Couer, did some fabric shopping at the most mahoosive fabric shops I ever did see, and then walked to the Louvre. We walked around the Louvre and realised we were getting pretty darn tired so decided to leave, but not before finding the Mona Lisa - did you know that thing is pretty darn small? Like, seriously, you'd miss it if it wasn't on its own on this big ass feature wall surrounded by glass and barriers and with guards! We wimped out of walking then, and got the metro back to our hotel where I had a nap and then we went to see the Eiffel Tower in the dark and see the light show. It was pretty stunning, but geez were we tired by the time we had got back to the hotel after grabbing some food and drink to take back with us!

The second day we were leaving that night, so we didn't want to over do it. That was the intention anyway! We walked to the Eiffel Tower and went up it, right to the very top. Needless to say we used the lifts! I do not recommend EVER attempting the stairs if you're a spoonie - there's 1664 of the buggers if I remember correctly. The average house has only 13 steps. I struggle with that, so I knew I didn't have a hope in hell on the rest!

Anyway, here's a nice tourist shot of me at the park behind (or in front of, depending on your point of view) the Eiffel Tower!

After we done playing tourist we figured we would try and take it easy so we didn't end up as tired as the day before. We went to a nearby shopping centre, got coffee, had a look around the shops and generally sat around for 2 hours... But we still have nearly 5 hours until we were getting our transfer back to the airport! So we took a steady walk along the River Seine and then went and found a wonderful museum that had lots of stunning African and Asian and tribal art. It was wonderful. 

Our "taking it easy day" eventually resulted in walking another 11 miles.... So over the course of 48 hours I walked nearly the length of a marathon. 23 miles! It was a massive spoonie win for me as I never would have thought I could do that before. Clearly taking a bit more care in my eating choices, my exercise habits and my self-care has been having the right results, but god did I sleep a lot on Saturday!

Friday, 12 February 2016

I Workout!

Well, I'm trying to work out anyway.

The last month has been super busy, and I've not really had more than 5 minutes to get near the computer to keep in touch. But now I'm here! In the last month I have started a new job, joined the gym, used the gym and been to Paris with a friend. Busy busy bee!

As promised, I thought I'd share some pictures of my workout gear which I took before I went out a couple of times. I've been trying to take it steady and know my limits. After all there is no point injuring myself and leaving myself unable to do any more exercise for a while, and any zebra knows how easy it is to over do it or to hurt yourself!

So here's a couple of things I've been wearing for my workouts. Having worked in the lingerie business for a number of years, I'm very aware of the important of a good supporting bra when you work out, so I always ensure I have my sports bra on when I'm going to the gym (despite my small chest!). To find a good sports bra was more difficult for me than a lot of people perhaps as I had to take into account the hypermobility and how I get in & out of the garment, as a lot of sports bras need to be pulled on and then tightened once on. I personally have a great deal of trouble pulling tight items on and off over my head so instead I found a suitable bra that zips at the front instead. Beautiful.

I've so far only been going to the gym about twice a week, which has included pilates once a week, and then gym the other time. I'm hoping that I will get myself into a better routine and be able to go more like 3-4 times a week, but we'll see I guess!