Friday, 15 January 2016

Got It Sussed

This year I turn 25. A quarter of a century. 2.5 decades.

My birthday isn't until December, but it's this year that I hit that age none the less. Now, this isn't going to be a story of "I thought I'd be married with kids and a mortgage by this age, but now look how wonderful my life is in other ways!" Nope.... this is more a case of "I thought I'd know how to adult by now."

What I've realised though, from having the bollocks to finally actually approach this subject with some more grown up adults, is that I probably won't ever know how to adult. Like, I know how to pay bills; how to book a doctors appointment; organise car insurance, and book a holiday. That's all good; but I don't know how to feel like a grown up whilst doing it. I still feel like a silly 18 year old playing at being grown up. Having had a conversation with various other "proper" adults, as I have always seen them, I have learnt that actually we are silly 18 year olds playing at being grown up.

I'm actually slowly starting to make peace with this fact. It's weird, but it's comforting to know that whilst I feel like I am winging my way through life, so does everyone else apparently!

The same could be applied to looking after my health I guess. Sometimes I feel like "yeah, I've got this down, I know how to control a flare, I'm responsibly with my medication, I've got this." Then something small or insignificant happens and I'm like "what am I doing, why isn't Mum giving my the tablets at the times I need them because I should not be allowed to be responsible for this!" It's okay though. I'm accepting this, and this (in)ability to always successfully adult my way through my illness is what makes me human.

I've also finally learnt that it's okay that I'm not good at big nights out any more. In fact, I went out for a meal tonight with some friends and we were all home by 10.30pm, texting each other to say it was a lovely night, but god we're glad to be home with our bras off and joggers on. I made myself a nice hot chocolate and got all set to snuggle up for an evening in front of the PC before going to bed before 1am to wake up feeling well rested and not hungover, and because of this I thought I'd have a little celebratory selfie of me with my hot chocolate in my joggers. Enjoy!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

New Year, New Me

What a cliché title, but feels very appropriate.

As most people do, I am using the new year to have a little re-evaluation of myself, my life and my condition. I've let things go by the wayside over time, I've not eaten right, I've not done enough exercise and I've really just not made an effort in general. I jumped head first into a new job that I knew wasn't right purely to escape one that had put me in a difficult situation.

So I set about rectifying that. In December I found myself a new job, one that feels right this time. I made sure I enjoyed my food and booze over Christmas and New Year, but then I fully submersed myself in making more effort with my exercise. Everyday I am making sure I walk for at least an hour throughout the day, and try to do some other small types of exercise. I got an exercise ball for Christmas and I have to say I'm in love with it.

I'm also trying to eat healthier - more fruit and veg, less snacking, more water. Doing all the right things. From the neglect I've put my body through, I've become ever so slightly overweight, and whilst not horrendously so, I am conscious of how much worse this is making my pain, so I'm intent on rectifying it and strengthening myself.

Part of this did also mean that I had to go and buy new workout gear - what a shame, not! The next time I go out, I'll definitely try and take some snaps to share!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Shocking Habits, New Starts and Fresh Kicks

I've done that horrendous thing again where I neglect my blog again for months. Ergh. What a failure.

So over the last few months I've been spending a lot of my free time on my little venture that I was talking about before I disappeared. This venture is making bath products for fellow spoonies. It all started when I made some lotion bars as a test for a present I wanted to make for one of my sister-in-laws, and I really enjoyed it. Then I saw one of my fellow spoonies that I follow on Tumblr was looking for a UK partner for her business. So after a few months of emails and some testing and some trial and error, I'm finally live on her site!

It's been an amazing experience so far. I'm only selling fizzing bath salts to begin with, then as those progress, I'm planning bath bombs, lotion bars, solid bubble bath; ahh the options are endless, but I need to just get things going to start with.

So, if you fancy having a peep, go check out the store on Etsy, if you're based in America you can buy from Kayti who's store it is and have access to all those wonderful things straight away, if you're UK based, buy a few bits and then keep an eye out for the rest!