Friday, 9 October 2015


I'm aware I've been quiet lately. There's been a few bits going on, and I've been trying to get stuff together for my little venture that I talked about in my last post. Things are slowly coming together for it, and there should be further updates soon, yay!

In other news I return to physio next week. This is my returning session after a course of hydrotherapy. This is the set of sessions where they are (supposedly) going to decide if I need to be referred back to a specialist, and if so, which specialist. Their current cause for concern is the recurring numbness I get down through my legs and into my hands at random occasions.

I've also currently got the lurgy of some description. My other half has come down with a stinking cold, and everyone has work has colds. I seem to have avoided the sniffly, snotty, disgusting bit and instead have a horrible cough and constantly feel drunk - not the good kind either unfortunately. The cough is doing my head in because I've now reached a point where I have to hold my ribs whilst I cough, which removes my ability to cover my mouth. Nothing something particularly pleasant when I have been brought up to cover my mouth to minimise the risk of spreading.

So my plans for this weekend are now to rest, work on plans for my little venture, and basically self-care, to try and minimise how much this cold/lurgy/illness wipes me out.

And if all else fails, I'll find pictures of puppies to cheer me up like this one from this set of adorable pictures: