Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Exciting Times Ahead

I've not written since my last bad spell. It's naughty, but I've been doing quite a lot and kept getting headaches etc so was avoiding computers where possible.

BUT NOW we're running at a good normal level (normal by a spoonie's standards, not a health standard) and I've got some exciting plans ahead.

I've quietly been working away on Christmas presents over the last few weeks as I like to make quite a few bits and pieces (you can see more about this on my other blog here) for family and friends for a personal touch as opposed to "here's some generic Christmas present that I spent £50 and 5 minutes on". One of the presents I decided to make included some coconut oil based lotion bars. I invested in a few bits and pieces to make these bars, and found some recipes on Pinterest and cracked on with making them. I loved how easy it was! It got me thinking - I want to not have to work full time (in an office for some one else anyway) - I'd love to work for myself and being able to work on the good days and rest on the bad days without having to call in sick to some corporation who don't care.

So, I had a good think, and then I remembered that a little while ago, on Tumblr, I saw a fellow spoonie appealing for some help. They run their own little Etsy shop selling homemade bathroom products that are suitable for spoonies with sensitive skin. She's based in the US, and was appealing for UK partner as it's insanely expensive to ship between the 2 countries. So, I popped her an email and we've been talking and I might end up being her UK partner.

Nothing is confirmed yet, we're still in early discussions and haven't begun any negotiations, but hopefully, watch this space and I may be soon doing a little advert for Spoonie-Friendly bath products!

I know it won't be a massive money-maker to begin with, but I'm hoping that with some time, and a few other plans I have up my sleeve, I might manage to drop to part-time once my contract at this company expires. You never know, I might even be able to give up working for other people all together!