Friday, 8 May 2015

The Importance of Comfort

I recently had some time off of work due to some un-Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrome-related issues and was devastated to discover upon my return that my beautiful comfortable desk chair that was fully adjustable had been taken.

It had been replaced with an old, only partially adjustable, terrible desk chair. This may seem like a small thing, and in reality it is, but none the less I was devastated.

My chair had taken me the first 3 months of being in that role to adjust and get comfortable. It had an adjustable air back support that I could adjust depending on how bad my pain way that day. It made sitting for 8 hours a day far more do-able than I've ever known it to be. And it was all gone.

I have now been back for just over a week, and I have managed to get this chair to a passable position, but it is still not right, nor will it ever be right. I cannot ask for a new chair as I am only at this role for another 5 working days and then I'll have a whole new chair to battle with.

But I thought it was important to write about this. Because a lot of people who don't suffer with chronic pain do not understand the importance of a comfortable chair. Nobody, bar one close friend at work, really understood why I was so annoyed about my chair being swapped for this crap one. Mainly because they don't know what it is like to live with chronic pain. They have no idea what it is like to find just small things that ease your symptoms ever so slightly.  So I thought I should write about it so that other Zebras know they are not alone when they "overreact" as other people may deem it. It is those small things that matter. It is those small things that help to make life slightly more bearable on a bad day.

Oh, and anyone wondering what chair I like? It's not a super duper all singing, all dancing time that'll make most finance departments go "hahahahahahaha are you having a laugh?! No." Nope, it's a fairly standard chair:
I'm not saying it works for everyone, but mine has an air pump for the back support, and for me that is the lifesaver. I just need to find one that also has a pump for the seat section to allow me to soften or harden it depending on what my hips need that day but for now I can survive.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

What Are You Up To?

This last couple of weeks I have been doing my upmost to maintain my rate of exercise. It's been harder since I've been back at work again, but I've been trying to do at least 10 minutes of exercise everyday. It's hard work but it's worth it for the strength I am slowly gaining.

In other news, I've had a bit of time to myself at home lately, so I have been taking full advantage of this and started watching "House". I think it may be my new favourite series! In the first episode of the first series they discuss something that is quite close to my heart - the zebra analysis. The main characters are discussing how they are always taught that when hearing hooves to think "horses", not "zebras". This means that normally it is a simple reason not something complex and rare.

Whilst this is generally a good principle to work on, it is part of the reason getting a diagnosis as a Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is so hard sometimes. Because it is easier to pass it off as something more common than something unusually and hard to test for. Afterall, did you know that despite Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3 (Hypermobility) being the most common type of EDS, it is also the one that cannot be diagnosed by a genetics test as they do not know what gene causes it.

As a result of House being the doctor that looks for zebras rather than horses, it means this series has complete absorbed me.

Thankfully it's a bank holiday weekend, so I'm wasting no time at all on "wasting" as much of the weekend as possible watching as many episodes as possible. I'm suckered in, it has to be said!