Thursday, 23 April 2015

Exercise Time

Along with failing to blog over the last few months, I also failed to lead a particularly healthy lifestyle.

As a result of this I gained quite a bit of weight and gained 2 dress sizes. Needless to say this hasn't helped my pain levels, so as of the last few weeks I have been working hard to fit in more exercise without overspending my spoons, and I've been trying to make healthier food choices.

One of the easier things I have found to fit into my routine in a walk once or twice a week with my mum. I go to her's straight from work and we go for a walk depending on how well my joints are feeling. It gives us an excuse for some exercise, and at the moment we manage between 1 and 2 miles. It may not be much, but it is helping.

I've also been off work for the last week or so due to unrelated health problems, and have been using this as a reason to do 20-30 minutes of exercise every morning before I shower. I'm only doing this on the days I feel up to it, and I push myself as hard as I dare. I have learnt that if I feel initially tired but have minimal pain levels, doing some exercise actually perks me up.

The exercises I have been doing in the morning are linked to items I have found on Pinterest (gosh I love Pinterest), and I've combined various suggestions into a workout that works for me. This consists of crunches, planks and various ab related exercises. Having a strong core is key to being able to manage my condition I have found.

If I really feel up to it, I try to do some slightly higher impact exercises, jogging on the spot etc to try and further increase my body's strength.

Anyway, I've not really managed to lose much weight yet, but I can feel my strength improving, and I'm hoping this will help me control my condition better.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Long Time, No Blog

As per usual, I have been dire at updating this thing. I think it is partly to do with my shyness regarding updating it when around my other half (god knows why, but it is the sad truth). I am determined to get better at this though.

So what has happened in the last 9 or so months?

Well, I went back to the doctors as I was concerned my hips were getting worse despite me still doing my physio exercises. She referred me back to physio and upped my dosage of amitriptyline. I have to say it helped, and physio was interesting this time around.

I had to wait around 3 months for my referral to actually come through (good old NHS, but musn't complain!). Once I started though this physiotherapist I was seeing was very helpful. I got given a fairly standardised set of exercises to add into my current ones, but she also began to work on my back during sessions. Not in a providing exercises sense, but she began to massage and put pressure on different points of my spine. She seemed quite concerned by the fact I get pins and needles on a daily basis in various points of my legs.

So, after about 4 or 5 sessions of physio she has decided to refer me to hydrotherapy to see if that helps. After that has been completed then I will be re-evaluated by them and they will decide if I need to be refer back to a specialist.

Need to give it time for certain, but watch this space and we'll see I guess.