Friday, 4 July 2014

The Roadtrip

So in my last post, I only mentioned about 36 hours of my roadtrip, and I didn't even share ANY of the pictures I took - how rude!

After the fun and games and beating of my body on the first 36 hours of holiday, I then set out to abuse my body in a new way - keeping it static for long periods of time. Now, anyone with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome will know how hard it can be to sit still for long periods, or to confine your body to small area. It's hard because joints get stiff, or start to ache, or need to be stretched. A big part of a road trip after all is to be in the car, a lot, for long periods at a time.

So, over the course of 6 days, we did 2300 miles in total. I thankfully didn't have to drive, my other half was keen to do that all himself, but none the less it was hard to sit and not be able to stretch the full extent that I normally can; not be able to contort myself to my normal comfortable positions.

The week of discomfort at times was worth it though, for the views, for the experience. I got to see some beautiful things. The Alps were wonderful; we visited the Shroud of Turin; we went to Monaco! It was fabulous.

Here are some of the pictures I got :)

This beauty was taken at the Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille. It's beautiful there. I loved it, up the most massive hill ever!

A stunning view from Monaco, at the bottom of this picture. To the bottom right of picture is the famous corner in the Monaco F1 Grand Prix race circuit. We sat up on the edge of this road for about an hour for the other half to take pictures of "rude" cars going round this corner. I admired the view and worked on my tan!

This lovely shot was taken from the car as we were driving through the Alps. There were SO many stunning views like this along the way. I genuinely couldn't get over how beautiful some of the views were.

So yeah, that was some of my road trip :) Yes it was hard at times, and yes I pushed my body to the max at times, but it was worth it. And I'm learning to better understand my body, learning to hear the warning signs sooner. I'm getting better at having control on this.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Continue to Challenge

I am continually challenging my body to cope that little bit better with life. It's a constant battle, and probably leads to a lot of stupid choices on my part, but I persevere.

One of my recent decisions was to go test my body by going on a week long road trip. We planned to drive down to the South of France, then head over to the Alps, and drive up the East side of France. It sounded great. Then it was dropped on me that we were going to drive via Le Mans to stop in and watch some of the 24 hour race. Ok, not too bad. Seemed fine to me in fact. Then we go there.

After having to stop to watch the England world cup match (yawn!) we headed over to pick up our tickets, and then we drove the route we were going to have to walk to get to the "best section" of the track (this is according to the other half). Yeah... that was when it dawned on me what a challenge this was going to be. We had to walk for an hour. I got an hour's sleep that night. That hour walk there was fine. Not a problem in fact; hell I'd even say almost pleasurable. We laughed and talked and it was lovely.

Then, after watching for a few hours, and the other half getting excitable and taking lots of pictures and videos; then we had to head back. Yeah, that hour walk back wasn't fun. My "good" hip locked up and made the last 15 minutes of the walk back bloody hard work. Then we did lots more walking around another section of the track and got some pictures and videos, and He got LOTS of pictures and videos. But I pushed far too hard. And I kept pushing for the entire day.

By some freak of nature though, after a long, good night's sleep, I was like a new person. Never before have I got away with beating my body up like that, and I doubt it'll ever happen again, but I think the fact I was on holiday just meant my body played nicely for once....