Thursday, 20 March 2014

New Job

Jeez, you can tell I got a new job, I've not blogged for over a month! Oops.

So what has happened over the last month?

Well, I got a job to begin with (no shit, Sherlock, I know!). It's Monday to Friday, 9-5.30. So all in all, pretty darn good. It's an office job as well, which means no long periods of being stood up, and minimal risk of heavy lifting. The only downside is that I am instead sat on my butt for the better part of the day, which is a high risk for weight gain.

BUT, the positives are that I actually have some energy when I get home now! It's a little closer to home, only 20-25 minute drive compared to a 35-45 minute drive. It's only 2/3 of the drive was doing as well, and I'm home by 6pm most days; I wasn't even finished at 6 in the old job! All of this results in me actually more energy when I get home, which means I have the energy to cook healthier meals and make lunch for the next day (most of the time anyway!).

I also haven't had an epically bad flare for a while as well. I've had a few flares, but they have been on the bearable side of a flare rather than "just leave me here to die" side. Bonus.

What else has happened in the last month? Well, other than discovering this extra energy, I also went on a trip to New York with my parents and brother. BUT, there's so much to talk about from that, I'm going to save it for another blog post; hopefully this weekend, but I make no promises as I fail at keeping them.