Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dancing Queen

So on Friday night I went out for a night on the town with one of my friends. It was fancy dress, so we made some costumes, did some make up and went out looking like this:
Much drinking and dancing ensued and it was great fun, but I was hit with a crappy reminder that I'm not like other 21 year olds. My friend that I go out with is aware of my condition, and is very thoughtful of it when we're out without being offensively overbearing. None the less, when it got to 2am and I was exhausted and aching, she wanted to stay out partying. I'd already pushed myself to my max, and I looked around me and realised no one was else was flagging as much as I was. They all had plenty of energy left.

It was crap to be reminded that the only people who left before me were the ones who got kicked out for being too drunk, and that I had to leave my friend in town to stay at some one else's because I needed my bed, but I knew I couldn't push myself any further otherwise I'd be paying for it for days to come.

By learning my limits, it's meaning that I'm getting more control over my life. I'm still not there yet, but getting more confident with it.