Monday, 29 July 2013

The Goals and Action Plan

Further to my post in which I vowed to get my butt into gear, I figured that my best option was to put here my exercise/weight goals here, so as to force me to commit to them. In my head, if they're publicly available, then I'm not only letting myself down, but I'm letting down anyone who may actually read this blog. (Probably no one, but we'll forget that for now)

So, my goal is:
By my birthday this year (2nd December), I will have lost 1 stone and be a comfortable UK size 10. This should help relieve some of the pressure on my joints that has occured through my weight gain.

The only time that this weight limit will be permitted to increase is if the increase is due to muscle gain. If this is the case, I will endeavor to stay a size 10.

The action plan:
To achieve this, I am going to go to the gym twice a week, every week, without fail. This will most likely be a Wednesday and a Sunday as they are nights when my partner is out doing things as well.

Whilst at the gym, I will use the bike, cross trainer and rowing machine. Initially I will use each for 5 minutes and do two rotations of this per visit. As my fitness improves, I will increase the times or rotations.

I will also aim to swim 20 lengths at least once per week, apart from when I am unable due to it being time of the month. Every 2 weeks, I will increase the number of lengths I swim by 10.

Either before, after, or whilst at the gym, I will also do the 8 minute ab workout on Pop Pilates (I will link to this at some other time)

I will aim to do the 8 minute ab workout a minimum of 4 times per week; increasing to daily as my fitness levels improve.

To assist in the weight loss, I will also make my own lunch every day to encourage me to eat healthier.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Failing as Per Usual

Yet again I have been failing on numerous levels. I haven't kept here up to date. I haven't been doing my physio.  I haven't been going to the gym regularly. I haven't been doing Pop Pilates.

I have, however, been reading a book that has helped me to think a bit more positively. Now I just need to take those positive thoughts and turn them into positive actions. The book is called "Flip It" and basically teaches you to look at things from a different perspective. It's not all hippy dippy everything will be ok type of positive thinking. No, instead it teaches you to approach things from a different perspective to get a more positive result. It encourages you to ask "How" instead of "Why" because all to often "why" is used negatively;  "why me?", "Why did this have to happen?", etc. An example they use is getting lost on your way to an important meeting. Normally you would ask yourself "why does this always happen to me?", "why did there have to be a diversion there today?" And all manner of why questions. Instead they suggest asking yourself "how did I end up here?", "how can I get back to somewhere I recognise?", "how can I communicate that I may be late to the people I'm meeting?"

All of those questions make you think more positively and encourage you to help yourself out of the situation. And this is what I want to start applying to my health, to my condition and to my general life. The book talks a lot about having clear achievable goals and an action plan for each goal, no matter how small. So instead of just saying that you will lose 1/2 stone by a set date; you would instead say that you will lose half a stone by going tp the gym every Monday,  Wednesday and Friday and only have chocolate once a week.

Action plans make goals more achievable. And so, to get the ball rolling I have the goal that by the end of today I will have written out my goals relating to my exercise regime and weight by setting aside some time after I have showered and dressed and focusing on only that until my other half comes home just after 12.