Wednesday, 10 April 2013


So for the last week I have barely been able to leave my bed. Not from partying too hard, not from a bad flare up, but instead from norovirus.

Norovirus alone is bad enough. Norovirus as an ehlers-danlos sufferer is even more horrendous. The violence of throwing up hurts your back, shoulders,  ribs, neck. Having to make sure you keep yourself clean whilst your hips and back are twisting and causing you agony. Having to physically run - something you avoid unless absolutely necessary because of the pain through your knees and ankles and hips and feet - to get to the bathroom. Yeah, it's not fun.

On a positive I have lost 5kgs, but even so, I think I'll be feeling this pain for quite a few days to come, and the tiredness I normally suffer from is going to be a hundred times worst.

But we soilder on. Because that's what zebras do.