Sunday, 31 March 2013


So despite writing over a month ago that I have to try harder to maintain my motivation, I have failed epically. I have only been to the gym 4 times this month, it would have been 5 times tonight but I forgot that Easter means the gym closing earlier. It's no excuse though as I've made excuses not to go all week.

Not only have I been terrible at going to the gym, I haven't done a blogilates video for over a month again until tonight. And physio exercises have only been done at my physio sessions. These have now stopped. My physiotherapist told me she was proud of my progress and really pleased with how much better I seemed to be coping with my condition. All I have to do it maintain my motivation she said.

I'm trying to think of exciting ways to keep motivated, but I'm just running out of ideas. Bribing myself doesn't work; my other half is useless if I fail to achieve a task, he just tells me to try harder or to actually do it. I need to get my butt into gear.