Sunday, 24 February 2013

Maintaining Motivation

The hardest thing I have found about this condition is maintaining my motivation. For the first few weeks of this year I was doing really well at eating healthily, doing the blogilates videos, I joined a gym & was going regularly AND I was doing my physio regularly.

In the last 2 or so weeks though, I have gotten really naughty about doing it all. Last Sunday I came home and ate pizza rather than going to the gym. I swore I was going to do a blogilates video instead, and didn't. Until tonight, I hadn't done a blogilates video for about a month, because going to the gym counts instead. I'd also stopped doing my physio exercises at home, despite the fact that I can see how much they've been helping me. It's almost like I've gone "well it's helped me get this much better, I can't be bothered now." All very well, but I can feel the work getting undone quicker than I can redo it.

I did my physio exercises tonight and only managed 10 reps of each one on each side before I gave in. I was up to doing that twice over before I gave in; it burned, but I could do it.

I can see the work being undone, my back has started aching again, I've had a huge amount of pain across my shoulders and arms (although that could also be a combination of overdoing the housework on Wednesday, and the cold).

This is a reminder that I need to remain motivated. I need to take all the unhappy crap from the last couple of weeks and channel that into my exercise. Because to have control of the pain is the most satisfying thing, and I'll be toned and sexy. That'll be just what I need.

I need abs and I need muscular legs and muscular arms. Because then I will have control of my pain, and control of my body and control of my emotions.